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A few tips on how to manage your business during the Coronavirus pandemic

The current crisis is not conducive to tourist arrivals and you probably noticed the huge number of canceled reservations. Can we then do something to ensure guests safety and be able to host them in our properties? Of course - below you'll find some tips on actions you can take to minimize fear among your guests.

Focus on domestic bookings

Reductions in international flights and advice to stay in your country of residence is a good reference point and action plan for the near future - focus on domestic reservations and make attractive offer for local guests. Of course, remember to keep all hygiene recommendations at this time!

Keep it clean, very clean

The most important thing you should take care of now is the cleanliness of your apartments. Let your cleaning team make every effort to ensure that the rooms after each guest are cleaned thoroughly. What's more, ensure daily replacement of bedding, towels and hygiene items.

Remember! Indicate in the description of your properties that you use the appropriate protocols for maintaining cleanliness and disinfection of rooms, it will definitely have a positive impact on their choices.

Be flexible

Receiving guests for a shorter period than the assumed minimum can be a very good solution in the current situation. Be flexible and allow your guests to stay shorter, which may currently be your only reservation.

Vertical revenue channels

In addition to maintaining proper hygiene, it is currently recommended to minimize human contact. By giving guests the option of contacting you via chat, you'll make it easier for you and your guests to follow this recommendation. Offering various services, such as welcome baskets, equipment rental - all of this through the app in their mobile phones, will be an excellent solution and will certainly increase their comfort and safety.

Lower your prices

This may sound surprising, but in the long run it pays off - lowering the rates may encourage travelers to make reservations, which in the current situation would give up at normal prices. Such guests may become returning guests in the future, and also encourage others to choose your properties.

Be aware that after the crisis that has hit us now, your future guests will not be financially prepared for large expenses. When you'll want to come back to your original prices, better raise your rates gradually.

Effective marketing and new channels

Get listed on as many channels as possible is now a thing. In this way, you will increase your reach and attract more potential visitors. As we mentioned at the beginning, first of all, make sure you're listed on local channels. Attractive discounts will also help to encourage travelers to choose your offer.

The situation is changing dynamically and you need to react adequately to these changes. We must be prepared for the fact that the travel restrictions will be upheld longer than many of us can withstand. The seriousness of the situation forces us to take such special actions, but remember that in the end it will all be over and we will return to normality.

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